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All students, including those enrolled in PreK and Kindergarten, are required to attend school and are subject to the compulsory attendance requirements.

The Student Handbook and Code of Conduct is a great resource for more information about compulsory attendance requirements.

Vacations or family visits scheduled during regular school days are not excusable absences.

Report an Absence

If your student is absent, a note from the parent, a doctor’s note or an email sent to our attendance clerk needs to be turned in no later than 3 days after the student’s return to school. You may use the button below to report the information. Please include student name, date of absence and reason for absence.

Report an Absence

Request a Ride Change

Please do not submit changes later than 2:00 pm for the same day.
If you have any questions, please contact the Daniel Front Office: 817-

Request a Ride Change

Contact Us:

Aurora Dascanio, Attendance Clerk

Office: 737-375-6052